Boston Police started using Colt Firearms in the late 1800's

Among the models used were

Note: Blue highlighted guns were told to me by a distributor who handled trades from Boston Police Dept for years. Neither myself or a friend who is a Boston Detective have ever seen one. Light blue highlighted gun is a Lightning lettered to William Read & Sons Boston in 1885, per the well known collector whose collection it came from Wm. Read was a major distributor for the Boston Police and he was very confident that they were ordered by the BPD.

Police Positive .38 Colt First Issue (1905 Patent Date)

Police Positive .38 Colt Second Issue (1926 Patent Date)

Bankers Special (RB/SB) .38 Colt

Officers Model Target .22 Caliber

Officers Model Target .38 Special

Woodsman Target Model .22 Caliber

Police Positive Special .38 Special

Detective Special .38 Special

Agent .38 Special

Cobra .38 Special

Official Police .38 Special (& .22 trainers)

Commando .38 Special

Colt .25 (unk if 1908 or Junior)

Wanted to buy

BPD marked guns

Colt Woodsman Target Model - BPD marked

Glock 19 - BPD, Boston PD marked


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